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Learn the best steps to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail Tags: sbcglobal email settings

More about Sbcglobal:

Sbcglobal is one of the most renowned and well known email account. It is used for delivering and transferring critical information at any time and at any instant. The users can access their respective emails on the sbcglobal account and thus use it to transfer important and reliable information from one account to the other sbcglobal account.

How to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail?

The users of Sbcglobal account need to follow the below given steps in order to configure sbcglobal email settings for Gmail. For this the users of sbcglobal account need to follow the below given steps for the same:

Ø  First of all the user needs to enter the full address of email address in the window that opens,

Ø  The user then needs to click on the “next” button.

Ø   The user then needs to enter the email address again in the “username “field.

Ø  Finally the user needs to enter the password for the email account in the”password” field.

Ø  Then the user needs to fill in the in the “POP SERVER” field.

Once the above stated steps are accomplished , then the users may be able to configure the settings. The users of Sbcglobal account need to follow the above steps in order to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail.

Technical Issues being faced by the users:

Some of the technical issues that the users of Sbcglobal account might face while accessing their respective Sbcglobal account are as stated below:

  • Ø  The users of sbcGlobal account may face an issue in resetting the password of the Sbcglobal account.
  • Ø  A critical issue that the user might face is that of not being able to log in into the homepage.
  • Ø  The password and the username of the sbcglobal account may not match with each other.

Listed above are some of the issues that the users of sbcglobal account may face. Sometimes the users might get stuck in any issue, for that the users need to take the right help and support from the technical experts of the technical support team.

Norton Antivirus-How to Get It Tags: norton setup

It is required to use antivirus software for keeping the system fast and error free. It usually get difficult for the user to select one cleaning software because they don’t understand. Norton is the antivirus software that provides you better protection and has all the required qualities that is in demand. It helps you to remove the viruses and malwares from your computer system. People may find it compatible to work on number of devices but certain threats might be difficult for a user to handle. To get help in such conditions, there is need to reach support team instantly.

There are number of an issue that has been fixed by technical support team.  Here, individual can see the resolution to one:

How can I get Norton antivirus software?

·        It is first required to  “Sign in” into Norton

·        There are situations when individual wouldn’t have “Signed in”, there is need to “Sign in”

·        To login, email address and password should be correct

·        Those who are new, there is need to complete the “Sign up” process for that

·        Select the option of  “Download” now

·        For situations when user will not have done any registration, there is need to choose “New product key” to continue further

·        There is need to type product key and select  “>”

·        Choose the option of  “Agree and download”

·        Now, choose the option of  “Run” now

·        After the control window appears, choose the “Continue” button

·        Norton antivirus product will now get installed

There are still some Norton antivirus users who will not be satisfied from the solution of the above issue; they need to connect with support team instantly. All the issues whether it is Norton setup or other associated errors, it will get solve immediately. For contacting the support team, there is need to reach toll free number. When the user will dial it, they will be in direct contact of the expert team. Technical experts can be contacted anytime and are really helpful.

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