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How to stop Gmail ads? Tags: gmail customer service 24/7

Gmail is one of the most renowned email service in the world. This email service is believed to be having most attractive features and high-tech security for the email account. One common issue reported by the Gmail users is continuous pouring of the Gmail ads in the inbox. The ads can be tricky to identify or recognize as they are mixed with your inbox and looks like regular email. The Promotional tab is supposed to house emails from places like Living Social, department stores, and other marketers who have signed up.

Google has classified ads as 2 types namely one that link out taking the user away from the inbox and ads that expand in the inbox. Click or tap on ‘X’ button if you are seeing ads in the promotional tab. There are various ways of blocking the Gmail ads and this article will provide easy steps. Contact Gmail customer service 24/7 for advanced troubleshooting and assistance to stop the Gmail ads.

Gmail users can block ads from specific advertisers on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and Gmail while signing-in to the Google Account. Here are the steps –

  1. On Google Search click on the down arrow icon next to the URL or tap next to a set of ads on the mobile. Next tap on the option ‘Why This Ad page’ and then click ‘Block these advertisers’.
  2. On the YouTube tap on the sign to stop seeing the ads and then click ‘Stop seeing this ad’.
  3. On Gmail tap on the ‘i’ sign next to ad Now tap ‘Control ads like this’ and then select ‘Block this advertiser’.

When the user is blocking an advertiser, he/she is also blocking ads that lead to the advertiser’s website. Some of the advertisers are using multiple websites and so they may see the ads from the same advertiser until the websites are blocked. Get more details about Gmail ad blocking from Gmail technical support experts? Dial the Gmail customer service number for easy reach out to the support team. Support professionals are the person who handles various issues over the call within no time.

What to do when you are not receiving emails from fb on your gmail account? Tags: gmail not receiving emails

If you are here then we know that you are a regular user of the Facebook and you are worried because you are not receiving the email notifications on your Gmail account from none other than the Facebook. Although a large number of the users face the similar problem you would be surprised to know that the solution for this particular issue is not that much difficult to implement. So, here's what the users have to do.

  • The first step is to sign into your Facebook account and then check the email notification settings. You should make sure that all the notifications to reach out to you via email are turned on.
  • The next step is to check the spam or the junk folder of your Gmail account because it has been observed many times in the past that the emails from the Facebook accidentally land into these folders in the Gmail.
  • Along with that, it is also important for the users to contact their Internet Service Provider so that they can confirm from them whether the email traffic arriving from the Facebook are being blocked by them.
  • Moreover, it is a common phenomenon that the messages from Facebook are generally stored in the Social tab of your Gmail account.

So, if you have any further doubts regarding the Gmail not receiving emails then the customer care executives of the facebook support team are always there for you.

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