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How to set up Bellsouth email on outlook 2013? Tags: bellsouth customer service

Bellsouth is distinguishing email service provider which provides various service to its user. This email application is sued for sending and receiving mail so that, after creating account on it, user can easily connect with their dear ones.

To access Bellsouth email account on outlook 2013, you need to set up it. If they are not aware how to setup it on outlook then they must take assistance through Bellsouth customer service. They will provide you best possible steps to fix this issue. Here are the some steps given below to setup Bellsouth email account. You need a look on the given below steps:

  • You will have to start the outlook then you need to select the file option.
  • Now go to the Info category option, here you are required to click on the Account settings option then select the drop down list.
  • Now go to the email option and select new.
  • Here you will have to configure the new email account, for this you need to configure the settings of email account in the Auto account setup option.
    • Now you need to type your name in the name field.
    • In the email address filed, fill email address of your account.
    • You will see all the information through ISP.
    • You need to enter the password.
  • You need to again type your password for confirmation.
  • Then you will have to click on the next to start the auto setup process.
  • Outlook will configure the Bellsouth account automatically. Here you need to enter the full email address to be entered in the username field.
  • You will have to save all the password then click on the add new email account.
  • After that go to the account test settings and follow the given process.
    • Check the internet connection is working or not.
    • Then you will have to log on to the SMTP server.
    • Now logged on to the POP3 server.
  • You will have to enter the port number for both incoming and outgoing server.
  • Then click on the Yes if as required SSL connection.
  • Finally select the finish option then close.

If you face any issue then you may select the manual setup process. To know about the manual setup, user is required to call on the Bellsouth support number. User will be getting in touch with Bellsouth technician after making call on this number. They will be getting in touch with Bellsouth technician after dialing this number. You can call any time on this number as this number active all the time.

Allegiant airline: Get to know how to get voucher of it! Tags: allegiant airlines reservations

An allegiant airline is based on the American airline which provides prominent features to its frequent flyer. The services of this airlines operates from it’s headquarter which is established at Summerlin, Nevada. With this specific airlines, user will get low cost carrier service so that, you may get huge discount on your ticket. You will get allegiant air voucher or special offer while travelling or seat booking; this voucher is used for getting discount on ticket.

If you want to book your seat in Allegiant airline then you need to know about the voucher so that, you can get the huge discount on your ticket booking. If you are not aware how to get allegiant air voucher then you must take assistance from allegiant airlines reservations. Allegiant air provides highly efficient agents who will help you for providing best support. Here are some steps given below to get the voucher of this specific airline. You need a look on these steps:

  • You need to go to the official websites.
  • Here you have to go to the manage travel.
  • Then you need to open your email id, here you will find the copy of your credit voucher.
  • To access the allegiant air account you need to click on the: my login option”.
  • Here you will find the allegiant air voucher number.
  • You can apply this number as a form of payment at check out.
  • To apply this voucher, you need to go to the payment option then click on the “Apply an allegiant air” voucher.
  •  After that you need to enter the voucher number then click on the “Apply voucher” option.
  • Now you need to enter the credit card details, after that your seat will be confirmed and you can take print out of your ticket from the registered email id to save the time and avoid the queue at airport.

How to contact allegiant air customer service?

If you facing while getting the voucher number then you do not need to be more panic ,you just need to call on Allegiant air phone number .You will be get in touch with airlines agents after making call on this number. They will provide you best guidance to fix all the issue related to it. You will get best support from airlines agents, they always think about customer satisfaction so that, they will provide the effective support. If for some reason, you are unable to connect through phone number then you can email them for any query.

How do I stop Chrome from crashing! Tags: google chrome not working

Google is an open source web browser which is used for open any websites, web pages, searching and so on. It provides high speed in comparison to other browser. Because of these features, this browser has become popular in a very short period of time.

But when you use Google chrome then sometime, it can crash because of any technical error or virus. Due to this, Google chrome does not work in a proper way. If Google chrome not working then you need to follow given below steps:

  • You are required to close other tabs, extensions and apps to free up the memory. You may pause any app or file download.
  • You need to quit the chrome then reopen it .For this you will have to press the ctrl +q then you will have to load the page again.
  • You need to restart your computer.
  • You will have to check the malware program, for this you need to use the chrome cleanup tool.
  • If there is a problem in your browser then you need to open the page in different browser. If it works then:
    • You will have to uninstall the Google chrome and reinstall it
    • You are required to uninstall and reinstall extensions.
    • Here you are required to fix the hardware accelerations, for this go to the settings option then click on the advanced and select the “turn off use Hardware acceleration when available”.
    • You will have to fix all the network issues and report the websites problem.
  • You need to check that if Google chrome is already open then you will have to force quit it. For this:
    • You need to press ctrl +alt+delete.
    • After that you are required to click on the start task manager.
    • Here you will have to select the process option the go to the Google chrome.
    • Here you will have to click on the end process.
  • If your antivirus is not updated then you will have to update it, some time Google chrome does not work because of antivirus issue, you need to close the antivirus for some time then check the Google chrome.

If Google chrome not working then you need to take help from Google support team. There may be something wrong in your browser. They will tell you the exact solution of your problem. You do not need to be more panic because Google technician will provide you the best solution to get rid of the technical hurdle. They will never let you down for solving your issue.

Learn the best steps to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail Tags: sbcglobal email settings

More about Sbcglobal:

Sbcglobal is one of the most renowned and well known email account. It is used for delivering and transferring critical information at any time and at any instant. The users can access their respective emails on the sbcglobal account and thus use it to transfer important and reliable information from one account to the other sbcglobal account.

How to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail?

The users of Sbcglobal account need to follow the below given steps in order to configure sbcglobal email settings for Gmail. For this the users of sbcglobal account need to follow the below given steps for the same:

Ø  First of all the user needs to enter the full address of email address in the window that opens,

Ø  The user then needs to click on the “next” button.

Ø   The user then needs to enter the email address again in the “username “field.

Ø  Finally the user needs to enter the password for the email account in the”password” field.

Ø  Then the user needs to fill in the in the “POP SERVER” field.

Once the above stated steps are accomplished , then the users may be able to configure the settings. The users of Sbcglobal account need to follow the above steps in order to configure Sbcglobal email settings for Gmail.

Technical Issues being faced by the users:

Some of the technical issues that the users of Sbcglobal account might face while accessing their respective Sbcglobal account are as stated below:

  • Ø  The users of sbcGlobal account may face an issue in resetting the password of the Sbcglobal account.
  • Ø  A critical issue that the user might face is that of not being able to log in into the homepage.
  • Ø  The password and the username of the sbcglobal account may not match with each other.

Listed above are some of the issues that the users of sbcglobal account may face. Sometimes the users might get stuck in any issue, for that the users need to take the right help and support from the technical experts of the technical support team.

Norton Antivirus-How to Get It Tags: norton setup

It is required to use antivirus software for keeping the system fast and error free. It usually get difficult for the user to select one cleaning software because they don’t understand. Norton is the antivirus software that provides you better protection and has all the required qualities that is in demand. It helps you to remove the viruses and malwares from your computer system. People may find it compatible to work on number of devices but certain threats might be difficult for a user to handle. To get help in such conditions, there is need to reach support team instantly.

There are number of an issue that has been fixed by technical support team.  Here, individual can see the resolution to one:

How can I get Norton antivirus software?

·        It is first required to  “Sign in” into Norton

·        There are situations when individual wouldn’t have “Signed in”, there is need to “Sign in”

·        To login, email address and password should be correct

·        Those who are new, there is need to complete the “Sign up” process for that

·        Select the option of  “Download” now

·        For situations when user will not have done any registration, there is need to choose “New product key” to continue further

·        There is need to type product key and select  “>”

·        Choose the option of  “Agree and download”

·        Now, choose the option of  “Run” now

·        After the control window appears, choose the “Continue” button

·        Norton antivirus product will now get installed

There are still some Norton antivirus users who will not be satisfied from the solution of the above issue; they need to connect with support team instantly. All the issues whether it is Norton setup or other associated errors, it will get solve immediately. For contacting the support team, there is need to reach toll free number. When the user will dial it, they will be in direct contact of the expert team. Technical experts can be contacted anytime and are really helpful.

How to stop Gmail ads? Tags: gmail customer service 24/7

Gmail is one of the most renowned email service in the world. This email service is believed to be having most attractive features and high-tech security for the email account. One common issue reported by the Gmail users is continuous pouring of the Gmail ads in the inbox. The ads can be tricky to identify or recognize as they are mixed with your inbox and looks like regular email. The Promotional tab is supposed to house emails from places like Living Social, department stores, and other marketers who have signed up.

Google has classified ads as 2 types namely one that link out taking the user away from the inbox and ads that expand in the inbox. Click or tap on ‘X’ button if you are seeing ads in the promotional tab. There are various ways of blocking the Gmail ads and this article will provide easy steps. Contact Gmail customer service 24/7 for advanced troubleshooting and assistance to stop the Gmail ads.

Gmail users can block ads from specific advertisers on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and Gmail while signing-in to the Google Account. Here are the steps –

  1. On Google Search click on the down arrow icon next to the URL or tap next to a set of ads on the mobile. Next tap on the option ‘Why This Ad page’ and then click ‘Block these advertisers’.
  2. On the YouTube tap on the sign to stop seeing the ads and then click ‘Stop seeing this ad’.
  3. On Gmail tap on the ‘i’ sign next to ad Now tap ‘Control ads like this’ and then select ‘Block this advertiser’.

When the user is blocking an advertiser, he/she is also blocking ads that lead to the advertiser’s website. Some of the advertisers are using multiple websites and so they may see the ads from the same advertiser until the websites are blocked. Get more details about Gmail ad blocking from Gmail technical support experts? Dial the Gmail customer service number for easy reach out to the support team. Support professionals are the person who handles various issues over the call within no time.

Why American Airlines is supreme for customer service & support? Read it on to know Tags: american airlines customer service number

American Airlines is one of the best travel organizations with alliance partners British Airways and Iberia, and Finnair in the transatlantic market that is pretty capable for reaching to the Japan Airlines. There is a huge rush for the flight booking procedure which almost done by online as well as offline mode. American Airlines is also surrounded by the several major facilities provided by the travel agent to the passengers while boarding in the flight.

American airlines offer cheap flight tickets, last minute flight, miles, upgrade to first class policy, bag and baggage policy, and much more that termed to its own features. In addition to this, it has the best features for which it has become first and last resources to book flight ticket online as follows.

·         Gogo in-flight internet.

·         Competent agents on the telephone

·         My upgrade, clear option.

·         Consistently friendly crew.

·         Flagship Lounges.

·         Discount and much more.

All above-mentioned features are quite important and essential while travelling in the flight of American airlines.

This airlines offer amazing flexibility related to the baggage if you are carrying any extra luggage. As per the bag and baggage policy, you can have only one lightly baggage into the fight but in case you have to carry one more extra baggage then for that you have to pay some of the extra fee to go ahead with the bag. However, there is the condition and the best policies are indispensable to follow as pointed below.

·         Go to the American Airlines website and then click on the baggage policy.

·         Click for the extra baggage policy and then it will show you the fees that are greater than the standard 50 to 80 pound for weight till 23 kg to 32 kg.

·         Size always matters which must be 36 inches in length and could be allowed maximum width as per the economic and business class.

·         There would be calculated the size and limit of your bag by adding the total outside dimension of each bag carrying in the flight.

If you want to talk for additional information related to the baggage policy then make a contact at American airlines customer service number that is available every time to get connect with the travel agent who provides all types of the information to the passengers at every point of the time.        

What to do when you are not receiving emails from fb on your gmail account? Tags: gmail not receiving emails

If you are here then we know that you are a regular user of the Facebook and you are worried because you are not receiving the email notifications on your Gmail account from none other than the Facebook. Although a large number of the users face the similar problem you would be surprised to know that the solution for this particular issue is not that much difficult to implement. So, here's what the users have to do.

  • The first step is to sign into your Facebook account and then check the email notification settings. You should make sure that all the notifications to reach out to you via email are turned on.
  • The next step is to check the spam or the junk folder of your Gmail account because it has been observed many times in the past that the emails from the Facebook accidentally land into these folders in the Gmail.
  • Along with that, it is also important for the users to contact their Internet Service Provider so that they can confirm from them whether the email traffic arriving from the Facebook are being blocked by them.
  • Moreover, it is a common phenomenon that the messages from Facebook are generally stored in the Social tab of your Gmail account.

So, if you have any further doubts regarding the Gmail not receiving emails then the customer care executives of the facebook support team are always there for you.

Know about the baggage policy and features of JetBlue airways customer service Tags: JetBlue customer service number

Do you know which the best customer service team in the world is? In case, you are not aware of the answer to this question, then it is important for you to know that it is none other than the JetBlue Airways customer service. This is because that in the last few years, the extraordinary support which this team has provided to all their passengers is phenomenal. Now, let's divert our focus on the baggage policy of this airline which is liked by every single passenger traveling in this airline.

  • The maximum overall dimensions allowed for every passenger should not exceed more than 62 inches in total for the checked baggage. The maximum allowed weight for the baggage is 23 kgs. If any passenger exceeds that weight or dimension, then he has to pay some additional fee for that.
  • Along with that, the checked fee for the first bag is 25 dollars and for the second bag, it is 35 dollars and that is for the blue fares.
  • Moreover, for other fares, it is 100 dollars for each of the bags.
  • It is also necessary for all the passengers to take care of the fact that they have already informed about the total number of bags they are going to carry away with them for the flight.

Now it is the time to know about the best features of the JetBlue Airways which attracts many passengers to this flight every year. 

  • The most popular feature of this flight is the variety of food which they provide to their passengers. All the snacks and drinks to be offered to every passenger are absolutely free.
  • Along with that, the passengers are never given a chance to get bored when they are traveling on this airline as they are provided with free movies and games.
  • Moreover, the passengers are also given an opportunity to enjoy their space in the legroom by having a comfortable sleep.
  • So, in case, you have any further doubt, then you should dial the JetBlue customer service number for getting the best possible support.
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