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How to Fix Google Play Insufficient Storage? Tags: google support number

Just like all other application, Google play is one of the applications that are developed by Google. This is the application store for all Android Smartphone users. There comes a time which every user faces that is insufficient storage. Android users generally face this issue. If you also are facing the “Insufficient storage” notification then you can read further to know how to fix this issue and free up space.

  1. Check the space in your SD card: If you use SD card in your android device and checked that it has enough space and still you are getting the notification of insufficient storage. This might happen that the data like images videos and other details that you download are saved in your phone storage. Hence you can move or delete your files by checking it from the file manager. After deleting the flies and moving the folders to SD card you can reboot your device and check if you still have the issue or not.
  2. Uninstalling the Google play store Application: Uninstalling the application can refresh the servers of Google play application. You can uninstall the application from the settings of your mobile options. When you finish the installation then try to install any application from the Google play store. By any chance, if your play store stops workings then you can contact on Google support chat for help.  
  3. Uninstall all the unused applications: Unlock your device and check your application dashboard. If you have any unused application that may be utilizing your space unnecessarily, you can uninstall that application. This will free up your lot of space due to which you got the notification.
  4. You can also check the file manager and then clear the thumbnails that utilize the maximum space of the face. Deleting them will make your device work faster and also free your space.
  5. You can clear the caches of the application by selecting the application and then tapping on the clear cache button.

In case you still are not able to install the application due to some reason then you can contact Google support number.


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